Art.7.2.1 Only 4 outdoor target faces. The Hit/Miss target face has been removed.

Art. Athletes of the same target butt may change their shooting positions provided inform a judge prior to the beginning of a distance.

Art. In the Team shoot-off, we don't have wait for the 3rd shoot-off. Immediately at the first shoot-off, if the score is tie, the team with the arrow closest to the center will win, or the 2nd or 3rd closest to the center will win.

Art. In alternate shooting, the alternation between the teams will take place after every shot arrow (not after 3 arrows for a team).

Book 1. Art. Recurve Individual match round (Elimination & Final Rounds) will be shot 5 sets of three arrows (winning set point score: 6 points).

Book 1. Art. A TEAM shall consist of the highest ranked 3 (or 2 if a mixed team) athletes from the Qualification Round. Unless the team captain notifies the DOS or Chief Judge in writing at least one hour before the start of that round of competition of a substitution of another athlete who has competed in the QR. Medals will be given only to the archers who shot the team round.

More changes on Compound if shooting the Compound Round with 80cm 6 ring face.

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