FANCHIN will play his second final this season on the Archery World Cup right after the bronze medal match in Ogden last month. At 20 years old only, MOHAMAD is the Cinderella story of the Shanghai World Cup stage. He went all the way to his first appearance in the final beating none the less than the No. 1 in the world Brady ELLISON (USA). 

The athletes really put out a good show in this gold medal final! MOHAMAD scored 9-10-9 and FANCHIN scored 10-9 and needed a 10 to clinch the match! However, he scored a 9. The fourth set was tied and FANCHIN kept a good advantage in the match, 5-3. He should have won it in the fifth set! MOHAMAD scored 9-9-8. FANCHIN started with 10-9 and needed just an 8 to clinch the match! He scored a… 7! He lost the fifth set and the match was tied at 5-5. Shoot-off! FANCHIN shot first with a 10 on the line! MOHAMAD needed a better 10 to win it. He scored a 9, victory for FANCHIN! 

USA and Malaysia met once this year at the first stage of the Archery World Cup in Porec 
(CRO).USA won the 1/8 final 224 to 211. Malaysia’s last victory versus USA was in 2007’s
Beijing Test Event. 

USA makes a strong first end with three 10’s in a row, allowing them to take the lead by two 
points over Malaysia, 56 to 54. USA is still leading after 12 arrows even if they have been
pushed close to the limits of time, FANCHIN and ELLISON shot both a 8. On the third end,
USA is still leading with a 2 points advantage over Malaysia, 165 to 163. On the last 
6 arrows, USA made a strong start with 29 points whereas Malaysia shot a 7 on its 
third arrow. USA are still remaining strong and win the match 222 to 218.

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