The Archery Test Event for the Commonwealth Games concluded today with the individual finals. India was the best nation with 9 medals (including 3 golds) out of a possible 12.
Recurve Men
The Indian trio of Tarundeep RAI, Rahul BANERJEE and KAPIL was joined by the lone Malaysian CHU SIAN in the semifinals. However the gold medal final was 100% Indian featuring RAI and KAPIL. The former lost the first set of the match but went on to win the next 3 and the gold medal! Rahul BANERJEE won the bronze, ensuring a total Indian sweep of the medals in the recurve men's category.

Recurve Women
The women’s recurve division was a party for hosts India with all 4 semifinalists from that nation. SUSHMA lost to the 2009 Cadet World Champion Deepika KUMARI in the first semifinal, while team mates Pranitha VARDHINENI and Chekrovolu SWURO fought it out in the second semifinal for a place in the finals. SWURO won this match but lost the final to the young KUMARI! The bronze medal went to VARDHINENI.
Compound Men
In the first semifinal, the Indian National Champion Chinna Raju SRITHER lost in 5 sets to compatriot Chungda SHERPA. In the other semifinal Muhammad Zaki MAHAZAN from Malaysia and Isaiad rajender SANAM from India were tied after the first set. The Malaysian won the next three sets 29-28 to advance to the gold medal final. The match was very tight: SHERPA won the first set but his opponent came back with victories in the 2nd and 3rd sets. Both archers were tied in the 4th set, but finally MAHAZAN managed to break the stranglehold on India and capture the gold medal. SRITHER won the bronze medal.
Compound Women
The women’s compound was the only category with four nations featuring in the semifinals. Lucy O'SULLIVAN (JER) easily defeated Tracey McGOWAN (SCO). Nichola SIMPSON (ENG) couldn't do much against India's Gagandeep KAUR. For gold O'SULLIVAN was the best in 5 sets, and KAUR had to settle for silver. SIMPSON won the bronze.

Archers shot the team finals at the Archery Test Event for the Commonwealth Games today in New Delhi. In the morning, England won the two gold medals at stake in the compound division. As expected, the Indian men and women took the gold in the recurve competition.
Compound Men
The best team from qualifications Malaysia left no chance to Wales (225-217). In a tighter match, England trailed India 55-56, then tied at 112-112 and finally took a one-point advantage at 170-169 to win 226-225 and advance to the gold medal final against Malaysia. The English archers must have been excited from their semifinals victory! They were near perfect in the final for gold, scoring 59-58-58-57 (total 232). Malaysia had a rather weak start but came back in the third end (56-56-59-58). Alas, it was too late and with 229 points they had to settle for the silver. India easily won the bronze medal 224-205.
Compound Women
In semifinals, India beat Scotland 221-211. England defeated Malaysia 219-214. In the final for the gold medal, England women’s team scored a perfect 10, 10, 10 to open the match against India, which was not very far behind. India started to creep ahead especially when England dropped points with a 7, 8 and 10 end. However the English women rose to the occasion and on the final end shot 10, 10, 10 again to tie the match. Shooting first in the tie break England again scored 10, 10, 10. The first Indian archer scored an 8 and that was the effective end of the match. The remaining 2 arrows were shot but the result was clear. In the final for bronze, Malaysia took an easy advantage over Scotland, 217-209.
Recurve Men
The Indian trio of KAPIL, Mangal Singh CHAMPIA and Tarundeep RAI defeated the English archers 213-190 on their way to the team final. In the other semifinal, Malaysia qualified over Scotland 202-192.
The Indians took the best start in the gold medal final (57-51), and the Malaysian were never able to make a come-back. India won 218-211 to the delight of spectators. The bronze medal match featured neighbours England and Scotland. The medal went to England 210-203.
Recurve Women
The team from Singapore lost ground from the very beginning against India and were never able to recover from their bad arrows. In the other semifinal, Malaysia defeated Wales with the highest margin of the day, 40 points (193 against 153)!
In the final for gold, the Indian team comprising Dola BANERJEE, BURUILY and Bombayala Devi LAISHRAM confirmed their domination over the Commonweath. They took the gold over Malaysia, 204-190. The bronze medal went to Singapore.
The competition continues tomorrow with the individual semifinals and finals.


Nor Rizah Ishak (15/649)
1st Match; Lost to SARIKONDA Jayalakshmi (IND) (3 - 4)

Nor Hayati Al-Madihah Hashim (5/661)
1st Match; Bye
2nd Match; Win against GORLE Vrushali (IND) (4 - 2)
Quater Final; Lost to O'SULLIVAN Lucy Marie (JER) (2 - 4)

Nur Hidayah Abdul Latip (22/629)
1st Match; Lost to CROSKERY Stephanie (NZL) (0 - 4)

Team (5/1939) Bronze
Quater Final; Win against New Zealand (209 - 207)
Semi Final; Lost to England (214 - 219)
3rd Place; Win against Scotland (217 - 209)


Lang Hon Keong (2/685)
1st MAtch; BYE
2nd Match; SANAM Isaiad rajender (IND) (3 - 4)

Mohammad Zaki Mahazan (6/678) GOLD
1st Match; BYE
2nd Match; Win against Mohd Kaharuddin Asah (MAS) (4 - 2)
Quarter Final; Win against FRANKLIN Mark St. John (ENG) (4 - 2)
Semi Final;wn against SANAM Isaiad rajender (IND) (7 - 1)
Final; win against SHERPA Chungda (IND) (7 - 3)

Mohd Kaharuddin Asah (11/672)
1st Match; BYE
2nd Match; Lost to Muhammad Zaki Mahazan (MAS) (2 - 4)
Team (1/2035) Silver
Quater Final; BYE
Semi Final; Win against Wales (225 - 217)

Final; Lost to England (229 - 232)


Anbarasi Subramaniam (9/607)
1st Match;BYE
2nd Match; Lost to Sushma (IND) (1 - 5)

Noor Aziera Taip (11/604)
1st Match; Lost to CLAYTON Abigail (ENG) (0 - 4)

Beatric Wong Zhia (18/564)
1st Match; Lost to LOH Tze Rong (SIN) (0 - 4)

Team (2/1775)Silver
Quater Final; BYE
Semi Final;Win against Wales (193 - 153)
Final; lost to India (190 - 204)


Cheng Chu Sian (4/659)
1st MAtch; BYE
2nd Match; Win against BLAND Peter (WAL) (4 - 0)
Quarter Final; Win against CHAMPIA Mangal Singh (IND) (4 - 0)
Semi Final; Lost to RAI Tarundeep (IND)(6 - 0)
3&4 Place; Lost to BANERJEE Rahul (IND) (6 - 4)

Arif Farhan Ibrahim Putra (8/648)
1st Match; Win against DERRAVEN Gary (WAL) (4 - 0)
2nd Match; Lost to DAS Atanu (IND) (0 - 4)

Fazli Hisyam Fauzi (13/634)
1st Match; Lost to BLAND Peter (WAL) (2 - 4)

Team (2/1941) Silver
Quater Final; BYE
Semi Final;win against Scotland (202 - 193)
Final; Lost to India (218 - 211)



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