Pasukan Negara Tewas Di Pusingan Awal

MALAYSIA  (211)   vs   (216)   MEXICO
First Round
10:15 Pagi (Waktu London)
17:15 (Waktu Malaysia)

The best start was for Mexico's Juan Rene SERRANO, Luis Eduardo VELEZ and Luis ALVAREZ despite three arrows (8s) out of the yellow ring (10-9). They led 51-49 after six arrows.

Both teams improved their scores by three points in the second end, 54 for Mexico and 52 for Malaysia. The gap doubled in favour of the Central American competitors (105-101).

In the third end, the first four arrows of the Mexicans were a little bit on the left (8-10-9-9). ALVAREZ then found the centre (a 10) followed by his teammate and junior world record holder VELEZ (a 9) for a six points lead (161-155).

Khairul Anuar MOHAMAD, Haziq KAMARUDDIN and Chu Sian CHENG closed the match with three 10s for their best end of the match (56 points). However, their disadvantage was too high to recover and they were defeated by the Mexicans who finished with 55 (216-211).
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