Zul Izzi

Berakhir Perjuangan Haziq di London 2012


Match Report:

The two archers faced each other this year at the World Cup Stage 1 in Shanghai back in April. KAMARUDDIN came out winner of this match 7-3. He had a strong start in his first individual match at Lord's Cricket Round and won the first set 29-27 against GANKIN.

However, Malaysia's representative won the second set 28-27 and tied 2-2. As both archers repeated their scores in the third set, GANKIN took the lead at 4-2. But he let his opponent come back and tie (4-4) when he shot only 26 in the fourth set (27 for KAMARUDDIN).

A 7 for the Malaysian as opening arrow in the final set for 25 points gave an opportunity to his opponent from Kazakhstan, who seized it and won the match with 26 (6-4).

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