SINCE compete in archery event at the 1977 Sea Games in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia has never won a gold medal drought that ended up in Hanoi in 2003.

Since then, national archery squad no longer look back when ever put yourself in the list with the gold won three gold in Manila in 2005 and then Korat 2007.

Success indicates that the development programs initiated National Sports Council (NSC) and Malaysia began a result feared in the region by breaking the dominance of this archers and Indonesia in Vientiane, the squad archers want to repeat the same achievement.

Under Teraju from South Korea, Lee Jae-Hyung, a fierce archer name of the country in international, Sea Sports Vientiane another field to be captured with a child already preparing the fruit well enough.

"Our target is to repeat the achievement in Korat last two gold," said Jae-Hyung. "We have experienced archers and also some young archers and I am sure they are ready to face the challenges in Vientiane."

Of course once the expectations required of winners experienced Cheng Chu Sian and Wan Mohd Khalmizam Wan Abdul Aziz to Malaysia in the continued excellence in these games.

Besides the women's event, S Anbarasi also be betting on the games during this time only contributed four gold in the Recurve team and individual men and women.


Archers hit by decline in performance, Zulkifli Tael sure can avoid bad luck as Marbawi Sulaiman Mohd suffered before the start of the event at the Laos Sea Games, December 13 next.

Notes 1.212 points in the Asian Archery Championships 2009 in Bali, Indonesia, last week considered the worst ever achievement to accomplish in the international stage once failed to rise from the third National Sirkit decline, last month.

With Marbawi entered the coaching performance problems due immediately end the 2008 Summer Olympics, Zulkifli viewed in a similar situation when the National Archery Association of Malaysia (NAAM) targeting two gold medals in Laos.

"I never faced such a problem until the performance decline. I think fate might not sided with a few months ago.

"Even in Bali, my face hot weather and strong winds. I admit less likely to make preparations to face this situation when it affects the focus of action.

"However, I think less than three weeks before the event started already sufficient to rise again and it is also different situations like never faced Marbawi," he said.

Zulkifli, 22, has a personal best record 1.327 points done in the World Championships 2009 in Ulsan, South Korea, last September, but since then the performance merudum.

Head coach Lee Jae-Hyung early consideration to submit to the National Sports Council to determine who of the five candidates to fill the quota dikemukakannya four male archers.

Besides Zulkifli, four more candidates submitted Jae-Hyung is Cheng Chu Sian, Mohd Khalmizan Wan Abd Aziz, Arif Farhan Ibrahim and Mini double Olympic champion, Fazli Hisham Fauzi.

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