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Archery is relatively young compared to the more established sports in Malaysia. Through there is a lack of documentation, it was likely that the sports might have taken root in this country during the early 60’s though the enthusiasm of a group of weekend archers who pursued it as a past time.

Make shift wooden stands were used them and target butts were homemade with cardboards held together by glue. The bows, arrows and the target faces were imported. But often, one had to be patient in waiting for them to arrive.

The early archers even faced hardships in getting a proper field for their weekend practices, which were normally held in school field through the generosities of some school principals. There were no proper trainers or coaches in the mid 60’s. Camaraderie’s were high. We all experimented with techniques and styles-learning from one and other, the juniors from the seniors. Hitting the 1000 points level was a great achievement and definitely called for celebrations.

At a later stage of development of the sports, archery clubs were set up mainly in Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Taiping. These clubs formed the backbones of the newly incorporated National Archery Association of Malaysia (NAAM). Some of the pioneer archery clubs were:

Kuala Lumpur : 
The Armed Forces Archery Association
The Selangor Bowmen
The Subang Archery Club

Penang : 
AABAC Archery Club
CRC Archery Club
Intel Archery Club
The Penang Port Commission Archery Club
The Penang Bowmen

Taiping : 
CRC Archery Club

First NAAM President
o   Tan Sri Dato’ DR. Arshad Ayob

First NAAM Secretary General
o   Mr. Ng Soon Hong

First Medal win in SEA Games
o   Sukan SEA Kuala Lumpur 1977
    • 3 Perak
    • 4 Gangsa
§  Pemanah- pemanah pada waktu itu adalah Dr. Cheng Jun dan Sherryl NG

First Gold Medal win in SEA Games
o   Sukan SEA Hanoi, Vietnam 2003
o   Perseorangan – Muhamad Marbawi bin Sulaiman
o   Berpasukan   
·         Muhamad Marbawi bin Sulaiman
·         Cheng Chu Sian
·         Amirullah Ahmad
·         Shahmi Mohd Fahuzi

First Malaysia Archers Qualified to Olympic Games
o   Mon Redee A/ P Sut Txi

First Team Qualified to Olympic Games
o   Cheng Chu Sian
o   Muhammad Marbawi Sulaiman
o   Wan Khalmizam Wan Abd Aziz

Local Tournament History

    • Kejohanan Memanah Kebangsaan – start 1978
    • Kejohanan Memanah SUKMA – start 1992
    • Kejohanan Memanah MASUM  - start 1995
    • Kejohanan Memanah MSSM – start 1996
    • Kejohanan Memanah Sirkit Remaja Kebangssaan –  start 1998
    • Kejohanan Terbuka Negeri-Negeri
    • Kejohanan Memanah Pelapis Kebangsaan – start 2008

Kejohanan Memanah Sirkit Kebangsaan –start 2009